pool steel reinforcement services.
Pool & Spa Steel Reinforcement

After excavation comes the steel reinforcing throughout the pool. Tying the steel is one of the more grueling jobs you’ll ever see, as each and every bar is tied by hand. This will be blocked at least three inches above the soil, so the shotcrete or Gunite can properly surround every bar of steel. All benches require steel, but the steps into the pool do not. Proper steel placement ensures that your pool will last a lifetime.

Steel and Bonding Inspection: Your first inspection is a good chance to familiarize yourself with your local inspector. It’s always important to get any questions about anything you are unsure about, such as fencing, walls, and alarms out of the way early. Doing so can give you plenty of time to deal with any changes they may require. ALWAYS leave the permit someplace visible, usually on top of the heater at the pool equipment, or at least visible near the pool equipment. No paperwork visible will cause the inspection to fail.

The first inspection covers how much steel is required for your pool, bonding for any metals within five feet of your pool, and required distances between the dirt and steel. The sooner we find out if this inspection passes the better! This allows us to schedule the next phase of shotcrete (interior concrete lining). It is usually helpful if you can look on the permit to see if the inspector has signed off on the inspection. All inspections called SHOULD take place within two days of calling. Unfortunately, we don’t have control over the inspector’s schedule, attitude, or the signature we need to proceed.

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