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Pool & Spa Plumbing

The third phase for every pool and spa is the installation of plumbing for return lines, skimmers, main drains, light niches, and equipment placement. In addition, spas receive their jet plumbing, and any additional booster pumps. If solar heating is requested, now is the time to mark out where you’d like the future piping to go (usually either on the house or on the ground racks – if you have any questions about placement, feel free to contact us).

It’s important to know that all your plumbing lines will be under a pressure of at least 35 PSI for the duration of the pool construction. Full of water, this prevents the pipes from taking any damage without knowing immediately. If the pressure gauge of top of your filter ever reads zero, be sure to let your foreman know at your earliest convenience so we can rectify any potential damage.

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