pool plastering services.
Pool & Spa Plastering

Plaster is the final step for your new pool. Plaster is a smooth, waterproof material that covers the interior surface of your pool. During this phase, the plaster crew will install any interior fittings (i.e. rope anchors or main drains). The plaster will be complete in one day.

As soon as the plaster has been applied, the plaster crew will begin fitting your new pool. Please follow these important steps:

This is critical! DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON OR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, STOP THE WATER UNTIL IT REACHES HALFWAY UP ON THE TILE! Stopping the water before it reaches this level could cause a permanent stain or ring to appear on the plaster. The plaster could possibly develop cracks.

DO NOT GO INTO THE POOL TO REMOVE DEBRIS! You may use a FINE MIST SPRAY to hose down dust or dirt in the pool water.

Please do not turn any switches or try to operate the pool pump or light. We will turn on the equipment during start up. You could permanently damage the equipment or pool lights by trying to operate the equipment early.

You will need to brush the pool several times per day for a week. You will be shown how to do this during the start up phase.

We will schedule a visit to complete detail work and perform the start up. Do not allow anyone into the pool until the start up has been performed. Since the water has not been chemically treated, it may not be safe.

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