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Pool & Spa Gunite

Some people ask us how we differ from the average pool company – this is one of them. Some companies still use Gunite in their poor construction. Gunite is concrete and sand mixed on-site, which produces 2000 to 2500 PSI (pounds per square inch=strength) than concrete by itself. Gunite inevitable causes rebound where it doesn’t adhere to the sides of the pool as it’s being applied. The rebound, being of lesser quality, usually is used in steps, benches, and even the skimmer. In reality, the rebound off of the sides of the pool should be discarded. Using the rebound creates weak spots in the pool that can become hollow as the rebound settles. Even worse, the weak spots can deteriorate over time, providing easy places where water can leak out. Getting the formula correct can be difficult.

Aqua Magic supervises this type of application and will assure you that this will not happen. Aqua Magic uses Gunite and Shot Crete; no rebound in the pool and stronger PSI. Shotcrete is pre concrete premixed by a professional concrete company to be a minimum of 3000 PSI (usually testing out at 5000 PSI). Then the shotcrete is directly pumped into your pool, filling all the gaps around the steel (with no rebound). All steps, benches, and skimmers receive the same quality of shotcrete as the rest of the pool.

While absolutely one of the more incredible stages of construction, Gunite and Shot Crete takes only a few hours to apply. We ABSOLUTELY need you on-site to decide exactly how big your steps, baja/reef/shamu shelves, and spa bench heights will be. Everything is customized, but only if you’re there to give your approval.

Caring for the Gunite and/ Or Shotcrete after application: It’s important that it is kept wet so it can properly cure. It needs to be watered down three times a day for a week. You cannot over water the Gunite or Shot Crete. Every nook and cranny, all steps and benches, and all raised areas require adequate water to be absorbed during the curing process. The water helps to strengthen the bonds in the concrete and keeps it from cracking.

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