pool excavation services.
Pool & Spa Excavation

The most important day for building your pool is the day of excavation. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your family is there to put the pool exactly where you want it. Things to consider: where the sun hits, how much patio room you want, if you want planters, a barbecue, etc. Just remember what is important to your family, and how we can best help you realize your vision.

Some grading may be necessary to have a level area, and to promote proper drainage around the pool area. After grading, we’ll stake out exactly where the pool is going. We’ll need you to approve the size shape, location, and amount of dirt left on the property.

Dirt Removal: The construction crew will do their best to finish within the allotted time for excavation. It is RARE to exceed the estimated time, but a number of factors can influence how many hours it takes to dig your pool. For example, running into cobble rock, granite, sandstone, hard clay or a high water table. We do our best to estimate conditions and time, but it’s unfortunately not perfect.

In most cases, we remove all the dirt from the job site. If you want some of the dirt left on your property, please inform us of how much you want and where we should leave it.

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